Students ePortfolio clearly capturing all the students individualized records

Students Report Card

Students Report Card easily accessible to every student and parents by a click

Accessible from any Gadget

Respond perfectly for all device resolutions like mobiles, tablets and the browser size of your site visitor.

Individualized fees structure for every student.

School Newsletter

School Newsletter by just a click posted and viewed by every student, teachers and parents.

Communicate Easily!

Communicate easily with all the members of your school community just by a click.

We all lose vital documents at one point or another. Some of those documents we lose them forever, others, we may take forever to retrieve the lost data.  At MyDataSafe, we create a virtual volt where we allow you to have a virtual back up safe.

This is a safe where you can scan all your original documents, certificates and any relevant documents, and upload them safely into your virtual safe.

You can save documents from school certificates, birth certificates, log books, title deeds, exam transcripts, passports, wills or even your client’s confidential documents for small service businesses.